Milwaukee Residential Electrical Wiring and Service

NSI Electrical Contractors offers residential electrical wiring services for building contractors and home owners. We excel at wiring outlets, relamping parking lots, and performing start-to-finish electrical installations for new constructions. Each of our Milwaukee electricians places a supreme emphasis on safety and functionality, ensuring the best results at a cost effective price. Some of our common residential electrical services include:

Milwaukee residential electrical contractorMadison Electrical Contracting for New Apartment and Condominium Constructions:

NSI Electrical Contractors works with builders to design and implement energy efficient electrical systems into new homes, apartments, and condominiums.  Our electrical constructions feature convenient outlet locations, optimal lighting, and superior workmanship. Building owners and tenants alike will appreciate the reliability and ease of use of electrical systems installed by NSI Electrical Contractors of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Electrical Contracting for New Homes and Home Additions:

Whether you’re adding on to your garage or building your dream house, NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee will handle all of the electrical work. We’ll install great looking lighting, conveniently located outlets, and implement the necessary electrical circuitry to support the new construction.  When the new addition requires updating outdated circuitry, we’ll replace or augment your existing electrical system.

Milwaukee Electricians for Home Remodeling:

NSI Electrical Contractors, Inc has extensive experience in converting basements to living areas, as well as repurposing rooms, garages, and pole barns.  We’ll design and implement a customized, highly functional electrical system to perfectly suit the new requirements of remodeled area.

Wisconsin Electrical Service Upgrades:

If your power needs are not being met by your current low amp service or you wish to change providers, NSI Electrical contractors will upgrade your electrical system. We’ll increase your capacity by replacing or repairing outdated and faulty equipment.  We’ll add more breakers when applicable.  After a few basic questions to determine how much power you’ll need, we’ll implement a reliable electrical system to suit your needs.

Repairing Electrical Outlets and Lighting Fixtures:

NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee offers 24-hour emergency service for non-working electrical outlets and light fixtures. Our Milwaukee electricians will restore or replace damage components to get them back in working order.  NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee specializes in repairing electrical outlets with speed and efficiency.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Service:

Choosing NSI Electrical Contractors Wisconsin is a great decision at any time of day.  Our Milwaukee electricians offer emergency service 24/7/365 for your immediate needs.  Power outages or other electrical emergencies don’t carry “normal business hours,” so our 24 hour emergency electricians will resolve your problems at any time, including weekends and holidays.

Contact NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee online or call 414-761-4660 with any questions regarding residential electrical wiring in Wisconsin.

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