Data Communication

network system setupNSI Electrical Contractors, Inc has extensive electrical engineering experience which translates into related fields.  Our Milwaukee electricians run cables through walls, and install ports, terminals, and cameras.  We even set up and configure networks and intercom systems. Our master electricians create functional designs without excessive or messy cables.   Our data communications capabilities include:

Set up Network and Phone Connections:

NSI Electrical Contractors, Inc specializes in infrastructure wiring and network design for phone and telecommunication devices.  We’ll understand your precise needs before setting up wired and/or wireless networks capable of being accessed all over your building.  We even set up easy to use mobile and remote connection capabilities where applicable.

UPS installation / Uninterruptible Power Source Installation:

UPS (also known as uninterruptible power source or supply) installation is used to protect computers and telecommunication equipment against power failure.  Our Milwaukee electricians select and install the ideal, cost effective uninterruptible power source to the specific requirements of the protected system.

Fire Alarm System Installation:

Protect people and property by utilizing an expertly installed fire alarm system. NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee installs dependable fire alarms and monitoring systems tailored to the building or buildings being protected. In an emergency, the fire alarm monitoring system will alert the fire department.  Each of our fire alarm system installations is done above and beyond the safety regulations of state and federal law.

Intercom System Installation:

Whether your work place is large, multilevel or just segmented, an intercom system affords faster communication between employees. Intercom systems also work in conjunction with buzzer systems for guests and visitors.  Experience instant, convenient communication at the touch of the button by having a master electrician from NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee set up the best intercom system for your business.

Security Alarm / Burglar Alarm Installation:

NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee wires, configures and sets up all types of communication devices, including security alarm systems.  Our cutting-edge burglar alarms defend against intrusion using video surveillance, motion sensors, glass breakage detectors, panic buttons and other technologies.  Our Milwaukee electricians will work with you to determine which burglar alarm best suites your precise needs.

Building Energy Management System:

Our Milwaukee electricians set up Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) for businesses seeking to save money on energy expenditures. A BEMS monitors heating and cooling systems, air quality control and a number of other systems to strategically allocates resources for optimized power usage.  NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee will help you select, install, and configure the best building energy management system for your business.

Call 414-761-4660 or contact NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee for further questions about our Data-Com services.

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