Milwaukee Electrical Contractors Serving Madison and Southeastern Wisconsin

Whether we’re wiring a new home addition or managing an electrical design build project for a multinational corporation, NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee understands providing quality electrical service is about problem solving for PEOPLE. We listen to the needs of our clients, and deliver personalized solutions to their unique circumstances.  For over 25 years, NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee has maintained excellent working relationships with general contractors, developers, architects, engineers, municipal inspectors and other builders. Residential clients have repeatedly experienced stress-relief and satisfaction from the services of our professional Milwaukee electricians. We solve Wisconsin electrical problems at YOUR convenience, arriving promptly on schedule or providing immediate 24 hour emergency electrical service when you need it most.

Commercial Electrical Contractor Services for Businesses

NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee performs electrical installations and maintenance for a variety of restaurants, big-box retail stores, apartment buildings, hotels, and retirement facilities.  View our Greater Milwaukee electrical contractor client list to see some of our more well known business partners.  We install outlets, lighting, and wiring systems to meet the exact needs of large and small businesses.  Our commercial wiring projects place a premium emphasis on safety and efficiency.  See more information about our Madison and Milwaukee commercial electrical contractor services.

Residential Electrical Wiring for Homes, Condominiums and Apartments

Our Milwaukee electricians provide residential wiring and relamping for home owners and building contractors.  NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee installs all the necessary components for an energy efficient electrical system.  Convenient outlet locations and optimal lighting solutions make each of our Madison electrical wiring projects highly successful. Whether we’re wiring a newly constructed apartment building or home addition, or replacing outdated electrical circuitry, NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee will customize electrical systems to create safe wiring solutions suited to the precise needs of our clients.  Read more about Madison and Milwaukee residential electrical wiring services.

Industrial Electrical Design Build Projects and Electrical Maintenance

NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee has extensive experience in the execution of electrical design build projects for our industrial clients. Our Milwaukee PLC electricians will configure, install or fine-tune programmable control centers and motor control centers (PLCs and MCCs) to ensure an effective production process. NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee will asses, repair, and optimize your electrical distribution centers for maximum power efficiency.  We offer full electrical diagnostics and electrical maintenance services. View more information about our Milwaukee and Madison industrial electrical engineering capabilities.

Data Com - Set up Network, Telephone, Intercom and Alarm Systems

Our Milwaukee electricians provide low-voltage installations including setting up networks, phone lines, or security and fire alarms. We’ll run cable or wires neatly and efficiently as we handle every aspect of going live with a new system. NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee specializes in configuring building energy management systems, providing huge savings on energy consumption by ensuring minimal expenditures on HVAC and air quality control in commercial buildings.  See more details on Milwaukee building management system installation and maintenance.

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