Milwaukee Electricians Dedicated to Providing Quality Electrical Services

Providing the BEST Wisconsin electrical service requires one thing above all else: results. From replacing electrical outlets in Milwaukee to performing new commercial electrical construction projects in Madison, NSI Electrical Contractors solves electrical issues though unmatched skill and dedication.

SKILLED Milwaukee Electricians

SKILL is not natural. Skill is honed and sharpened over thousands of hours. Our electricians bring years of study, apprenticeship, training and experience to each unique situation, allowing them to expertly fix any electrical problem. Drawing upon advanced knowledge and ability, our electrical contractors will safely complete their tasks with both time- and cost- efficiency, allowing Wisconsin businesses to better focus their resources on other operations.

DEDICATED Milwaukee Electrical Contractors

At NSI Electrical Contractors, we believe dedication is more than perseverance. Our dedication is founded upon a commitment to building working relationships with our clients and co-workers. Paired with expertise, the personal accountability of our Milwaukee electricians makes NSI the top choice for quality Wisconsin electrical construction and electrical maintenance. We value:

  • a constant attention to detail
  • an optimistic approach to problem solving
  • the enthusiastic use of talent and skill, and
  • integrity in all things
Our long track record of customer satisfaction is a testament to these values in action. For the best value in Wisconsin electrical services, contact NSI Electrical Contractors Milwaukee today: 414-761-4660.

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